We are pleased to welcome you on our creative workshop site! 

Our site is intended for the professional producers and manufacturers of  furniture and joinery, and it will be also interesting for interior designers! Our workshop allows to implement any design ideas in the style of marquetry.

Implementation of works in the ancient technique of marquetry is the main focus of our work. Creativity is always diverse and multifaceted - it passes all of the stages of search , becoming, rebirth, just as we pass them.

Whenever new work is born, it entails creative research, empowerment, creating a distinctive style and the embodiment of their creative tasks.

Works are like child at the moment of birth, like a feeling, like an inspiration flashed in an instant. He is maturing, acquiring features, asks to appear - becomes real, visible, acquires unique characteristics and features inherent only to him. 

The integrity and union with present moment give to image the right for an independent life. The most favorite process for us - is the process of our works creating!

This absorbs and fascinates us, this is another dimension from which you come back with a result. We like it when people get what they want, it inspires…

In the Products section you can see our works. We invite you to actively cooperate with our workshop, where always occurs something interesting. In spite of everything, we continue to create and make.

Sincerely yours, 
Workshop team.


Some of our works: